Science Birthdays, April 25

4/25/1874       Guglimo Marconi,       physicist          invented the coherer which was a metal packed container that would receive a radio signal. He received a patent in 1900. He died in 1937 at age 63.

                        Developed Marconi’s law.

                        Ennobled as Marches in 1924.

                        Marchese is sort of like Marquess. It is a nobleman of hereditary rank.

                        Educated privately, he did not do well in school.

                        He developed an interest in science and electricity at an early age.

                        He read Nicola Tesla’s work.

                        He began to conduct experiments in his attic.

                        He wanted to create a wireless telegraph.

                        These experiments had been being conducted for 50 years,

                        Marconi didn’t come up with anything new, he improved on a number of components.

4/25/1900        Wolfgang Pauli           physicist          youthful prodigy, was writing articles on relativity as a teenager, impossibly clumsy with his hands.  Announced the exclusion principle in 1925 he suggested the fourth, spin quantum number. He died in 1958 at age 58.

                        He published a paper on Einstein’s theory of relativity two months after he graduated from high school.

                        He divorced in 1930 and had a serious breakdown. The psychologist Carl Jung interpreted his dreams which led to his theories of synchronicity.

                        He was always interested in the number 137 because of the fine structure constant 1/137, a dimensionless fundamental constant. When he fell ill from pancreatic cancer he asked an assistant if he saw the room number, it was 137. He died in that room at the age of 58.

                        He was a perfectionist as a physicist.

                        The Pauli effect was a bizarre effect of his ability to break scientific equipment by being in the vicinity.

                        He was very arrogant when a colleague remarked on his papers that he liked the Pauli’s paper more than he liked him, Pauli said, “that’s strange, with me, regarding you, it’s just the opposite.”

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Natural Disasters, April 25

1966    The City of Tashkent was destroyed by a huge earthquake. Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan. 7.5 magnitude.

2015    a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal kills 9,100 people.

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Dog Tip of The Day, April 25

They say dogs can hear four times better than you can. I believe this. That is why they know when you are coming home. They hear your vehicle before anyone else does. They also turn their ears in the direction of sounds which we cannot do. Here is a little experiment you can do. Turn your TV down low so you can hardly hear it. Now cup you hands around your ears and  point the palm end toward the TV. Did it get easier to hear?  It should have.

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Science Birthdays, April 24

Jean Charles Galinard de Marignac, born on this day in 1817,  chemist, discovered yitterbium. He died in 1894 at the age of 77.

Gideon Sundback, born in 1880 was a Swedish-American engineer and businessman who developed the zipper. He dies in 1954 at the age of 74.


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Natural Disasters, April 24

1929    Slocum, Texas-Statesboro, Georgia Tornado Outbreak, 63 people were killed.

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Dog Tip of The Day, April 24

I read today where they said not to smile at an unknown dog. I don’t think smiling at a dog upsets them. Dogs can sense anger and hostility, so a smile can’t hurt.  I do know one thing. Dogs do not like to be stared at. Don’t even do this if you are playing with the dog. Always remember the two most important dog tips, No negative punishment (hitting) and no teasing.

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Science Birthdays, April 23

Max Planck, born in 1858, physicist, founder of Quantum Theory, great grandfather and grandfather were theology professors at Gottingen, his father was a law professor in Kiel, he died in 1947 at age 89.

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