Science Birthdays, July 10

7/10/1856          Nikola Tesla,              physicist, his discoveries and patents formed the basis for modern alternating current including the AC electric motor. He demonstrated wireless energy transfer as early as 1893. Often regarded as a “mad” scientist he died in poverty at age 86 in a New York Hotel room.

7/10/1832        Alvan Clark,               astronomer and telescope maker, he made the first observation of Sirius B. His 18 ½ inch telescope is still being used today. He died in 1897 at age 64.

7/10/1902        Kurt Alder,                  chemist, he shared the 1950 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with his teacher Otto Diels for the Diels-Alder reaction. He died in 1958 at age 56.

7/10/1920        Owen Chamberlain,    physicist, co-discoverer of antiprotons, he died in 2006 at age 85.


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