Science Birthdays, August 8

8/8/1779          Benjamin Silliman,    chemist he became the first person to distill petroleum, the mineral sillimanite is named after him. He died in 1864 at age 85.

8/8/1861          William Bateson,        biologist, Today is the birthday of William Bateson, born in 1861, he was the first person to use the term genetics to describe the study of heredity. He died in 1926 at age 64.

8/8/1901          Ernest Lawrence,        physicist element 103 lawrencium is named after him, he died in 1958 at age 57.

8/8/1902          Paul Dirac,                  physicist he formulated the Dirac equation which describes the behavior of fermions and predicted the existence of antimatter, he died in 1984 at age 82.


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