Natural Disasters, August 29

Sorry, I have been away for a few days, here is the natural disaster update for August 25-29:

Aug 25  1814      1812 Washington D.C. Tornado

              1931      1931 China Floods, 4 million people died

              1933      The Diexi earthquake in China killed 9000 people

Aug 26  1883      Eruption of Krakatoa begins, it will eventually kill 120,000 people

Aug 27  1881      Georgia Hurricane, makes landfall near Savannah and killed an estimated 700 people.

              1883      Eruption of Krakatoa, four enormous explosions destroy the island of Krakatoa

1893      Sea Islands Hurricane struck the United States near Savannah, Georgia killing between 1000 and 2000 people.

2011      Hurricane Irene struck the United States east coast and killed 47 people.

Aug 28  1884      Howard South Dakota Tornado

1990      Joliet tornado, an F5 tornado stuck Illinois and and cities of Plainfield and Joliet killing 29 people.

Aug 29  2005      Hurricane Katrina, devastated much of the Gulf coast from Louisiana to Florida, killing 1836 people and causing 108 billion dollars in damages.


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