Science Birthdays, August 30

Today is the birthday of Jacobus Henricus Van’t Hoff, born in 1852, He was the first winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.  He accounted for the optical activity in carbon compounds by assuming the bonds were directed to the corners of a regular tetrahedron.  He also made contributions in kinetics, equilibrium and osmotic pressure. He died in 1911 at age 58

Ernest Rutherford, born in 1871 is famous for his gold foil experiment and the hypothesis of a nucleus in the atom. He died in 1937 at age 66.

Theodor Svedberg, born 1884, developed analytical ultracentrifugation to separate proteins from one another, he died in 1971 at age 86.

Edward Purcell, born 1912 discovered nuclear magnetic resonance in liquids and solids, he also proposed the Scallop Theorem to explain aquatic motion at low Reynolds numbers in Newtonian fluids, he died in 1997 at age 84.

Lajos Kisfaludy, born in 1924 introduced the concept of protective groups in peptide synthesis, nearly 80 medicines were synthesized using this technique, he died in 1988 at age 64.


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