Science Birthdays, October 9

Today is the birthday of Johann Segner, born in 1704, he discovered the reactive force of water and constructed the first water jet, if you have a sprinkler in your yard, that is his invention, he is considered the father of the water turbine. He was also the first to demonstrate the sign convention of Descarte.

Emil Fisher was born in 1852, he developed the Fisher Projections for drawing asymmetric carbon atoms. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on sugar and purine synthesis.

Mihajlo Pupin, born in 1858 placed loaded coils along telegraph lines to increase the distance of transmission, called pupinization.

Karl Schwarzschild, born in 1873, is known for the Schwarzschild radius which is the radius where if the mass of an object is compressed within that radius the escape velocity would exceed the speed of light.

Max von Laue, born in 1879, received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of the X-ray diffraction by crystals.

Joseph Friedman, born in 1900 invented the “bendy” straw.

Sir Peter Mansfield, born in 1933 shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology with Paul Lauterbur for discoveries concerning MRI, magnetic resonance imaging.


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