Dog Tip of The Day, December 9

Yesterday we had a terrible day. Blinding snow caused multiple rollovers and other accidents. There was a pile-up on I-90 that may have included up to 80 or 90 cars, even though the news reported 15. Just think if you had your dog in the car. If you have to exit that vehicle rapidly. There were semi’s on top of cars all over the place. How would you get the dog out and get to safety fast? This stuff happens so fast you don’t have time to do things. You must be prepared. Always have a leash on your dog when traveling. Have a go-bag, with some snacks, treats, other things you might need. Be ready to get out of that car and to safety as soon as possible.  You have to be prepared. When I arrived at the EOC, there was no way to leave, traffic was blocked on the road in front for hours, because it is right off of the interstate. Nothing can move. You would not want to leave you dog if you were stranded in that. So prepare for these circumstances.


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