Science Birthdays, January 13

Today is the birthday of Wien Wilhelm, born in 1864, he studied black body radiation.  He formulated Wien’s Displacement Law to calculate a shift in wavelength with temperature, while studying streams of ionized gas, he identified a positive particle equal in mass to the hydrogen ion, and with this work he laid the foundation for mass spectroscopy.

It is also the birthday of Felix Tisserand, a French astronomer born in 1845.

Oskar Minkowski, born in 1858 conducted research on dogs to prove that the pancreas contained regulators which controlled the blood sugar and was linked to diabetes.

Ross Granville Harrison, born in 1870, was an American biologist who pioneered the science of tissue culture.

Sydney Brenner, born in 1927 was one of the first to show that all overlapping genetically coded sequences were impossible.


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