Science Birthdays, January 18

1/18/1733        Wolff Kasper              physiologist     published a book in 1759 on the development of living things. Prior to this time people thought that the egg and sperm had a completely formed miniature human called a homunculi. He described cellular differentiation. He could be considered the founder of modern embryology. His work was unnoticed for over half a century. He died at age 61 in 1794.

1/18/1815        De La Rue Warren      astronomer      he invented the first envelope making machine. Was one of the first to photograph the moon. In 1858 he developed the photoheliograph to take pictures of the sun. he discovered solar prominences. died at age 74 in 1889.

1/18/1825        Frankland Sir Edward chemist           He was a druggist who taught himself chemistry. Liebig and Bunsen were his teachers. He was first to study hybrid organometallic molecules. He devised the theory of valence in 1852. He died in 1899 at age 74.

1/18/1861        Goldschmidt Hans      chemist            In 1898 he discovered the Thermite reaction. In 1898 he described how metals could be recovered from ores without the use of sodium or potassium. He died in 1923 at age 62.



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