Natural Disasters, February 8

1969    Nor’easter

1969    Allende Meteorite falls near Pueblito de Allendem Chihuahua, Mexico.

1983    Melbourne Dust Storm hits Australia’s second largest city. The result of the worst drought on record and a day of severe weather conditions, a 320 meter deep dust cloud envelops the city, turning day into night.

2010    A freak storm in the Hindukush mountains of Afghanistan triggers a series of at least 36 avalanches, burying over two miles of road and killing at least 172 people. 2000 travelers were trapped.

2013    A blizzard disrupts transportation and leaves hundreds of thousands of people without electricity in the Northeastern United States and parts of Canada.

What exactly is a blizzard?  A blizzard is a strong snowstorm, but with winds exceeding 35 mph for an extended period of time, generally three or more hours.


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