Science Birthdays, February 22

2/22/1796            Lambert Quetelet,          astronomer,       pronounced (ket lay), He also worked on statistical measurements and found that chest measurements and heights of soldiers varied the same way as bullet holes about a bullseye, and the toss of dice. This produced a bell curve. From this he arrived at the average man. He died in 1874 at age 78.

2/22/1824            Pierre Janssen,                 astronomer,       He discovered a spectral line that led to the discovery of helium. He published an atlas of photographs of the sun. He died in 1907 at age 83.

2/22/1857            Heinrich Rudolf Hertz,                    physicist,             student of Helmholtz and Kirchoff. Studied electromagnetic waves but never saw the radio or the structure of the atom.  He died at age 36.  Chronic blood poisoning                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

2/22/1879            Johannes Bronsted,        chemist                acid base theory of opposites.  He died in 1947 at age 68.

2/22/1962            Steve Irwin, zoologist


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