Science Birthdays, March 20

Torbern Bergman, born in 1735, mineralogist, he studied under Linnaeus. He based mineral classification on chemical characteristics rather than appearance. He discovered and encouraged Scheele. He died in 1784 at age 49.

Frederick Taylor, born in 1856, physicist, he had eye trouble which halted his education; he worked during the day, and went to school at night becoming an engineer. He developed a scientific management which was a way to have workers work less to produce more. He died in 1915 at age 59.

Walter Elsasser, born in 1904, physicist, he went to Gottingen, left Germany for Paris then the U.S. He suggested that the earth’s rotation set up eddy currents in the liquid core resulting in a magnetic field. He was a professor of geophysics at Princeton.           


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