Science Birthdays, March 22

3/22/1785        Adam Sedgwick,        geologist,         he gave the name Cambrian to geologic time, he was strongly opposed to Darwin’s theory of evolution. Darwin went on a trip to Wales with Sedgwick and Sedgwick was one of the first to recognize his talent. He died in 1873 at age 88.

3/22/1788        Pierre Pelletier ,           chemist,           he isolated such alkaloids as brucine, cinchonine, quinine and strychnine. He isolated and named chlorophyll. He died in 1842 at the age of 54.

3/22/1799        Friedrich Argelander,  astronomer, he published a book locating 457, 848 stars which was reprinted as late as 1950. He introduced the modern system of naming variable stars. He was one of the first to believe that the sun was moving and made a motion as to its direction. He died in 1875 at age 76.

3/22/1868        Robert Millikan,          physicist,         Graduated from Oberlin in 1891 He learned Greek but took a job teaching physics and fell in love with it.  He got his Masters degree in physics and was the first PhD in physics to come out of Columbia. He studied under Pupin and Michaelson. He conducted his oil drop experiment in 1911. He got the Nobel prize in physics in 1923.  In 1925 he named radiation from space, cosmic radiation. He was deeply religious and thought that creation was still going on in the outer parts of the universe; He died in 1953 at age 85.


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