Science Birthdays, April 1

4/1/1578          Harvey William           physician         He is considered the founder of modern physiology,  son of well-to-do parents, physician of Francis Bacon, court physician of James I and Charles I, dissected more than 80 species of animals by 1616, student of Fabricius, discovered that blood flowed in one direction, unlike what Galen said. Discovered that in one hour, three times a persons weight in blood is pumped, indicating a closed system. It circulated, in fact he was called “circulator” kind of like “quack” because he refuted the great Galen, supposedly performed a post-mortem on “Old Parr” a 152 year old man. He died in 1657 at age 79.

4/1/1865          Zsigmondy Richard    organic chemist. He worked with gold colloids to produce colored colloidial solutions.  He developed milk glass. He also developed the ultramicroscope which proved his own theories of colloids incorrect. He died at age 64 in 1929.


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