Science Birthdays, April 6

Today is the birthday of William Hardy, born in 1864, he was the first to suggest the word hormone to E. H. Starling. (Starling was known for Starling’s Law of the Heart and also the Brown Dog Affair).

Also born on this day were:

4/6/1928          James Watson,                        chemist            He was a child prodigy and radio wiz kid. Entered the Univ. of Chicago at age 15. He worked with Crick, who was 12 years his senior and had the idea of constructing a DNA model with the bases on the outside allowing a double helix. He wrote the book the Double Helix.

4/6/1911          Feodor Lynen             chemist            He was first to isolate acetylcoenzyme A, he died in 1979 at age 68.


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