Science Birthdays, April 13

4/13/1743        Thomas Jefferson,       Scholar, Lawyer,         3rd president, studied 15 hours a day, founded the University of Virginia, wrote the Declaration of Independence, Secretary of State under Washington, first Vice President, He was a friend of Joseph Priestley, studied agriculture, experimented with grains, classified fossils in New York state, he died in 1826 at age 83 on July 4th.

4/13/1771        Richard Trevithick,     inventor, built the first steam locomotive, he died in 1833 at 62.

4/13/1857        Sir Ronald Ross,         physician,        worked on mosquitoes and in1897 discovered the malarial parasite in the Anopheles mosquito; he died in 1932 at age 75.

4/13/1892        Robert Watson-Watt,  physicist,         discovered Radar, he died in 1973 at age 81.

4/13/ 1905       Bruno Rossi,               physicist,         He worked with cosmic radiation and found that it would penetrate a yard into solid lead.  He discovered the solar wind and X-ray stars; he died in 1993 at age 88.


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