Dog Tip of The Day, April 14

I have been writing this month about what others have written about dogs. It is not that I am write and they are wrong, it is just that I am thinking about these things and giving you my thoughts. Today I read that dogs can fall in love. That is a very strong emotion. I am not even sure how many people know what love is. As a biologist, I look at why we evolved with certain attributes. It doesn’t do any good to evolve if it doesn’t lead to perpetuation of the species. If love is what keeps us together long enough to procreate and then raise our young, why wouldn’t other species have evolved with that too? It seems to me when I observe other animals, they like the same things we do, companionship, security, touch, petting, rubbing, etc. Dogs and cats don’t like to be yelled at, they seek our approval and love. I am going to say yes on this one. Of course they love.



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