Science Birthdays, April 16

4/16/1728        Joseph Black               chemist,           discovered carbon dioxide, he called it “fixed air” he died in 1799 at age 71.

4/16/1838        Ernest Solvay              chemist            sickly child and little formal education, but his father was a salt refiner and he read and experimented in chemistry as a child, he discovered the Solvay Process to make sodium bicarbonate in 1861, he became very rich and endowed schools so kids could get the education that he didn’t get, he died in 1922 at age 84.

4/16/1867        Wilbur Wright             inventor           What a life, he bicycled, glided and was the driving force to built airplanes. The US wasn’t interested in his flight. He went to France in 1908,  but died of typhoid fever in 1912 at the age of 45. He died before he saw the plane become an instrument of death.


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