Science Birthdays, April 22

4/22/1724        Immanuel Kant,          philosopher, never traveled more than 60 miles from his home town, wrote Critique of Pure Reason, in 1781, studied math and physics, also published General theory of Nature and Theory of the Heavens, in 1787 he shifted his attention to metaphysics and logic, he died in 1804 at the age of 80, said that tides slowed earth’s motion.

4/22/1807        Luigi Palmieri,             physicist and meteorologist, he studied the eruptions of Mount Vesuvius, he died in 1896 at age 89.

4/22/1834        Gaston Plante,             physicist,         constructed the first lead storage battery in 1859, he died in 1889 at age 55.

4/22/1891        Sir Harold Jeffreys,     astronomer,     was the first to say that earth’s age was in the billions of years.  Worked out the tidal hypothesis of earth’s origin, he died in 1989 at age 98, he was strongly opposed to continental drift.

4/22/1904        Robert Oppenheimer,  physicist,         precocious intelligence, PhD form Gottingen, In charge of the atomic bomb project, Father of the atomic bomb, became attracted to physics in a class on thermodynamics taught by Percy Bridgeman, he lost his security clearance because of his radical political views and the fact that his wife had communist ties, he also had a girlfriend who had communist ties, he inherited a considerable sum of money, he died in 1967 at age 62.


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