Science Birthdays, April 29

4/29/1854        Jules Henri Poincare,               mathematician, Physicist and philosopher, polymath, he had poor eyesight and motor coordination and in some ways seemed retarded, he formulated the Poincare Conjecture, laid the foundations for chaos theory and was a founder of topology, he died in 1912 at age 58.

4/29/1872        Forest Moulton,          astronomer, advanced the planetesimal theory of the origin of the solar system, developed the Adams-Moulton method for solving differential equations, he died in 1952 at age 80.

4/29/1893        Harold Urey,               chemist, played a significant role in development of the atomic bomb and along with Richard Miller, developed a theory of how organic life developed from inorganic gases, he died in 1981 at age 87.


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