Science Birthdays, April 30

4/30/1777        Johann Gauss              mathematician, child prodigy, made mathematical discoveries when he was still a teen, probably one of the greatest mathematicians, perfectionist, when he was told his wife was dying, he said “tell her to wait a moment until I am done,” he disliked teaching, and declined to present the intuition behind his proofs, he also disliked publishing and some say mathematics would have been advanced by 50 years if he had published more timely, he died in 1855 at age 77.

4/30/1916        Claude Shannon          mathematician and electrical engineer, he published a paper in 1948 on digital theory and digital circuit design, some say it was the most important thesis of all time.  For this he is considered the father of information theory, he died in 2001 at age 84.


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