Science Birthdays, May 6

5/6/1635          Johann Becher ,           alchemist, phlogiston theory, he thought he could make himself invisible, he died in 1682 at age 47.

5/6/1856          Sigmund Freud,          psychiatrist, founded psychoanalytic method of psychiatry, he died in 1939 at age 83.

5/6/1856          Robert Peary,              explorer, claimed to be the first person to reach the geographic North Pole, it is still in doubt today, he died in 1920 at age 63.

5/6/1871          Victor Grignard,         chemist, formulated the Grignard Synthesis to couple carbon atoms in organic molecules, he died in 1935 at age 64

5/6/1872          William Sitter,                         astronomer, questioned Einstein’s theory of a curved universe, he died in 1934 at age 62


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