Dog Tip of The Day, May 9

Today I read that dogs get jealous when they see another dog getting rewarded. I don’t see why they wouldn’t. Just like us, they have evolved with these emotions and behaviors because it is beneficial to their survival and well being. As a biologist (I know people are going to say, “yes Rich, but I thought you were a chemist”) Well I am a biologist too. I try to look at how conditions benefit us biologically. If we didn’t need a condition, behavior, or emotion, they why would we have it?  Evolution favors what helps us.   I watch my shepherd and when I get a treat out, his eyes follow it. I have also trained him to leave it, if I set it on the floor and give him the “leave it” command. This is very hard to train because dogs go for the highest profile target. If it is a treat or a play with a ball, the dog is going for the treat then the ball.  Another interesting game is put about three or four different items on a plate and give it to the dog. Watch what they eat first. It will always be the meat. Dogs are carnivores. They always eat first what they like the most. It must be all about survival instinct.

By the way, I have been getting my talking points from an internet post called 41 things you probably didn’t know about your dog. I am almost finished with them, two or three more days, then I’ll get back to some traditional tips.

If there is anything you would like a discussion on, just let me know.  Sometimes it is hard coming up with new ideas.


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