Science Birthdays, June 2

6/2/1787          Nils Sefstrom,              chemist, student of Berzelius discovered vanadium, he died in 1845 at age 58.

6/2/1850          Edward Sharpley-Schafer,      Physiologist,     He was born with only the Schafer part of his name, but in college his teacher in anatomy and physiology was William Sharpley.  Schafer added his name to his own to perpetuate it.  He named insulin. He also coined the term endocrine; He was a fighter for equal rights for women in medicine. He died in 1935 at age 85.

6/2/1854          Max Rubner,                Physiologist,     He carried on the work of his teacher Voit.  He worked on testing energy production of humans in huge calorimeters, concluded that the body used carbohydrates, proteins and fats as energy and energy was conserved, he died in 1932 at age 78.


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