Science Birthdays, June 9

Today is the birthday of Sir Henry Dale, born in 1875, he conducted vivisections on a dog along with William Bayless that led to the Brown Dog Affair and the Brown Dog Riots in London between 1903 and 1910, he received the Nobel Prize for his work on acetylcholine in nerve transmission.

George Stephenson, born in 1781,    inventor, Father of railways, built the first railway system for steam locomotives, his gauge of 4’8 ½” is known as Stephenson or Standard gauge, he died in 1848 at age 67.

Johann Galle, born in 1812,            astronomer,  first person to view Neptune, discovered 414 comets, the “happy face” on Mars, a crater on the moon and an asteroid are named after him, he died in 1910 at age 98.



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