Science Birthdays, June 13

Today is the birthday of Wallace Sabine, born in 1868, he founded the science of architectural acoustics. His formula RT60=0.049V/SA, where RT60 is the reverberation time, V is the volume of the room and SA is the sound absorbance. Reverberation time is the single most important characteristic in gauging a room’s sound quality.

Also born on this day were:

6/13/1773        Thomas Young,            physicist, English polymath, famous for deciphering part hieroglyphics and the Rosetta stone. He had learned Greek and Latin and was acquainted with French, Italian, Hebrew, German, Chaldean, Syriac, Samaritan, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Amharic by the age of 14.  Herschel called him a “truly original genius.” He died at age 1829 at age 55.

6/13/1854        Sir Charles Parsons,     physicist, invented the steam turbine. He died in 1931 at age 77.

6/13/1870        Jules Bordet,                biologist, he described phagocytosis of bacteria by white blood cells, the bacterial genus Bordatella is named after him. He died in 1961 at age 91.

6/13/1911        Luis Alvarez,                physicist, he died in 1988 at age 77.

6/13/1911        Erwin Mueller,             physicist, invented the field Emission Electron microscope, the field ion electron microscope and the atom-probe field ion microscope. He was the first person to experimentally observe atoms. He died in 1977 at age 66.


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