Science Birthdays, June 14

Today is the birthday of John Nef, born in 1862; he discovered the Nef reaction, which is an acid hydrolysis of a primary or secondary nitroalkane to an aldehyde or ketone with nitrous oxide.

Also born on this day:

6/14/1736        Charles Coulomb,       physicist, best known for Coulomb’s Law which defines the electrostatic force of attraction and repulsion. The Coulomb is named after him. He died in 1806 at age 70.

6/14/1864        Alois Alzheimer, described presenile dementia, he died in 1915 at age 51

6/14/1868        Karl Landsteiner,        physician, he first discovered the main blood groups in 1901, he also discovered along with Alexander Wiener the Rhesus factor, (hopefully not related to the sex pervert and predator Anthony Wiener) he also discovered the polio virus along with Erwin Popper.


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