Science Birthdays, July 8

Today is the birthday of John Stith Pemberton, born in 1831, He was an American druggist who invented Coca-Cola, He was concerned about neurasthena in “highly Strung” Southern women so he developed Coca-Cola as a nerve tonic and stimulant.
Other scientists born on this day were:

7/8/1838 Ferdinand Zeppelin inventor, he died in 1917 at age 79.
7/8/1857 Alfred Binet psychologist, he got a law degree, but was a self-taught psychologist, he died in 1911 at age 54.
7/8/1894 Peter Kapitza physicist, worked on ultrastrong magnetic fields, he died in 1984 at age 89.
7/8/1895 Igor Tamm physicist, he died in 1971 at age 75.


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