Science Birthdays, July 12

Today is the birthday of Claude Bernard, born in 1813, he was the first person to define the term milieu interieur now called homeostasis. He was also one of the first to suggest the use of blind experiments to ensure the objectivity of scientific observations. Bernard Cohen of Harvard University considered him one of the greatest men of science.
George Eastman, born in 1854, invented roll film. He founded the Eastman Kodak company, he died in 1932 at age 77
Paul Drude, born in 1863, was a German physicist who in 1894 was responsible for introducing the symbol “c” for the speed of light in a vacuum. He wrote a fundamental textbook integrating optics with Maxwell’s theories of electromagnetism. He committed suicide a few days after being inaugurated into the highly respected Prussian Academy of Sciences. He was 42 with a wife and 4 children.
Today is also the birthday of Elias Corey, many regard him as one of the greatest living chemists for his development of organic synthesis methods, especially retrosynthetic analysis. He is 83 today. Anyone who has taken organic chemistry loves organic synthesis.


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