Science Birthdays, July 18

Today is the birthday of Hartmut Michel, born in 1948, he received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for his work on the crystallization of membrane proteins.

Today is the birthday of Roald Hoffman, born in 1937, he was a Nobel Prize winning theoretical chemist who taught at Cornell University. He developed rules for elucidating chemical reactions with Robert Burns Woodward and introduced the isolobal principle or isolobal analogy, He was the co-host along with Don Showalter in the Annenberg CPB project World of Chemistry.  What many people don’t know is that he writes poetry and plays. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Hoffman at a lecture.  He sure has a following of young chemists.  Everyone wanted him to sign their organic chemistry book.

Today is the birthday of Jerome Lemelson, born in 1923, nicknamed “Jerry” he was one of the most prolific inventors in America. He 605 patents on most of the electronic devices we use in our everyday life today. These include cordless phones, fax machines, camcorders, Sony Walkman, and VCRs to mention just a few. He even invented a lighted tongue depressor as a child. 

Today is the birthday of Robert Hooke, born in 1635, he built the vacuum pumps used in Robert Boyle’s gas law experiments. In 1660 he discovered the law of elasticity, better known as Hooke’s Law.  Hooke was a polymath and was also an early proponent of biological evolution.


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