Dog Tip of The Day, July 20

Winifred Strickland said “do not be ashamed to praise your dog in public”.  She wrote the book Expert Obedience Training for Dogs. She said not to use food as a reward that the dog will think more of the food than of the handler. I am not sure about that, from what I have seen even dogs that have been abused continue to like their owner, it is the pack instinct. I believe in the method of using a high profile reward such as a treat along with praise, then wean the dog off the treat and just use praise.  One thing I learned early on about praise is just patting the dog on the head with an “atta boy” doesn’t work too well.  When I was learning to train dogs for search and rescue, we used three minutes of continuous praise, rubbing and petting with a high squeaky voice.  That was the way we praised the dogs when they found a subject. It works and it doesn’t work so well when you don’t act like a silly fool for at least three minutes.  This is one I am not certain about, but I still do it.


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