Science Birthdays, July 25

Today is the birthday of Rosalind Franklin, born in 1920, her data on X-Ray diffraction of DNA led to the Watson and Crick discovery of the double helix. Unpublished drafts of her papers show that she had determined the structure of DNA, yet her work was only vaguely acknowledged. She should get credit for the discovery of the DNA double helix, and someday she will.  She died in 1958 at the age of 38.

Today is also the birthday of Christop Scheiner, born in 1575, he invented the pantograph, he died in 1650 at the age of 75.

David Douglas, born in 1799 was a biologist and explorer, he explored the Scottish Highlands and Hawaii.  The Douglas Fir tree is named after him as well as many plants in Hawaii.  Over 80 trees have douglasi as a species in their scientific name.  He died in 1834 at the age of 35.


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