Science Birthdays, August 2

Today is the birthday of Friedrich Strohmeyer, born in 1776, he discovered the element cadmium while working on zinc compounds, he also was the first to recommend starch as a reagent for free iodine.  In school we have all done the opposite when testing for starch by using a drop of iodine. Remember, it turns black.

8/2/1788          Leopold Gmelin,         chemist, He was the discoverer of potassium ferricyanide (1822),  he died in 1853 at age 64.

8/2/1820          John Tyndall,              physicist, he discovered the Tyndall Effect, where light is scattered by impurities, or in colloids, he died in 1893 at age 73, he didn’t get married until he was 55.


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