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Science Birthdays, February 28

Today is the birthday of Linus Pauling, born in 1901, he discovered the alpha helix and beta sheet nature of protein structure, for his discovery of sickle cell anemia he is considered the father of molecular biology, his book The Nature of the Chemical Bond is one of the most influential chemistry books ever published, he is considered one of the 20 greatest scientists who have ever lived, he is one of two people to have won the Nobel Prize in two different fields.


2/28/1743        Rene Hauy                  minerologist

2/28/1683        Rene Reaumur                        physicist

2/28/1663        Thomas Newcomen    engineer

2/28/1896        Philip Hench               physician         born in Pittsburgh. Discovered the role of cortisone in arthritis treatment

2/28/1915        Peter Medawar            biologist          worked with inoculating mice before they can form antibodies


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Natural Disasters, February 28

1925    Charlevoix-Kamouraska earthquake strikes northeastern North America. A total of 55 aftershocks were recorded in the Charlevoix-Kamouraska quake.

1997    Earthquake in northern Iran kills 3000 people.

1997    A 6.1 magnitude earthquake in Armenia and Azerbaijan kills 1,100 people.

2001    Nisqually Earthquake, measuring 6.8 magnitude hits the Nisqually Valley and Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia, Washington.

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Dog Tip of The Day, February 28

Keep in mind if you leave a dog alone in the house all day while you are at work. It must get pretty boring.   Most of the time they will just accept it and sleep all day, but if they are free to roam, they might get anxious and start chewing or tearing the place up. This is why I advocate crate training from a young age, then don’t break the habit.

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Science Birthdays, February 27

Today is the birthday of Charles Best, born in 1899, he was one of the co-discoverers of insulin along with Frederick Banting and J.J.R. Macleod, the Nobel Prize in 1923 went to Banting and Macleod, Banting was so incensed that he gave half of his money to Best, how often does that happen?

Also born on this day:

Bernard Lyot, born in 1897              astronomer,      Invented the coronograph to study the sun.

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Natural Disasters, February 27

2010    an 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck the central parts of Chile killing 500 people and triggering a tsunami which struck Hawaii shortly thereafter.

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Dog Tip of The Day, February 27

Separation anxiety can be a problem with some dogs. Yesterday I wrote about dogs training owners. Its easy for a dog to train an owner because they are so demanding of our attention. You have to resist the temptation to give in to your dog. If you are leaving for work in the morning, schedule the time you spend with your dog after you have been up for a while, but not right before you leave. After a few days, the dog won’t get all excited when you leave. It is the same when you get home, the dog greats you, barking, jumping for joy and just can’t get enough of you. If you resist the temptation to drop everything and return the love, this will also go away in a few days. After you have been home for about a hour, or 15 minutes if you can’t wait, you can now play with the dog. Believe me, the dog is going to bother you to play, but eventually it will fall into the new routine and it won’t start to get anxious before you get home. Hey, at least try it. What can it hurt? Just don’t leave your best pair of shoes laying out.

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Science Birthdays, February 26

Today is the birthday of Emile Clapeyron, born in 1799, he made important contributions to the laws of thermodynamics by expanding on the work of Nicolas Carnot and the work of Clausius, the Clausius-Clapeyron relation, he also worked on the characterization of perfect gases.

Nicolas Falmmarion, born in 1842, wrote a book on Popular Astronomy, and believed there was life on the moon and on Mars.

Giulio Natta, born in 1903 was a polymer chemist who discovered that propylene would yield an isotactic polymer.

Today is the birthday of Nicholas Cugnot, born in 1725, he built the first self-propelled mechanical vehicle.

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