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Science Birthdays, April 19

4/19/1801        Gustav Fechner           physicist          first to apply Ohm’s Law to electronics, one of the founders of psychophysics,  he published a book on it in 1860, he died in 1887 at age 86.

4/19/1912        Glenn Seaborg                        physicist          Started out as a Literature major but changed to science in his third year under the impact of an aspiring teacher. Went on to develop plutonium for the atomic bomb and discovered many new elements particularly transuranium elements, he discovered ten of them,  he died in 1999 at age 86.


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Dieting, Exercise and weight loss

I have started a new category called dieting, exercise and weight loss.  I will be sharing with you some of my views and concerns about this topic.  This post will not appear daily as my science birthdays post, but every once in a while I will post information I think will help people understand this often understood topic.  If you have any questions, just post them on this blog and I will try to answer them as best I can, or I will direct you to where you can find the information.  Let me know what you think.

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Science Birthdays, December 29

Today is the birthday of Alexander Parks, born in 1813, he created Parkesine, the first man-made plastic, the first thermoplastic, a celluloid based on nitrocellulose treated with a variety of solvents. In 1846 he patented the cold cure process for vulcanizing rubber, called by Thomas Hancock “one of the most valuable and extraordinary discoveries of the age.”

Today is also the birthday of Robert Baker, born in 1921, he invented the Chicken Nugget in the 1950s.  McDonalds falsely patented the recipe under Chicken McNuggets in 1979 without giving credit to Baker. More than 40 cold cut innovations are credited to Robert Baker.

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Science Questions

I don’t know how well this one will work or if there will be enough interest, but if you have a question about science, post it here in the comments.  I will try to answer it.  If any of my followers don’t agree with the answer, or would like to add to it,  they can post it in the comments.  I think it might be a good place to share ideas or have questions answered about science.  Oh, you can ask questions about dogs or cars too!

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