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Today’s Birthdays, July 31

Today is the birthday of Friedrich Wohler, born in 1800, he is often considered the founder of organic chemistry, because of the synthesis of urea in 1828 from inorganic compounds, called the Wohler synthesis, it disproved and undermined the Vital Force Theory which was believed for centuries, he died in 1882  at age 82

Today is also the birthday of John Canton, born in 1718, he verified Ben Franklin’s kite experiment and made important discoveries with electricity and artificial magnets.

Richard Oldham, born in 1858, discovered that the earth had a core, he also was the first to describe the existance of p-waves, s-waves and surface waves.

Paul Boyer, born in 1918, described the enzymatic reaction mechanism involved in the biosynthesis of adenosine triphosphate, better known as ATP

Primo Livi, born in 1919, he was an Italian/Jewish chemist who wrote the book, The Periodic Table, The Royal Institute of Great Britain named it the best science book ever written


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