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Dog Tip of The Day, July 31

I have an interesting story to tell today.  Yesterday, I had my dog playing in the park and he began to dig a hole.  Normally I would have stopped him because he was digging right by the playground gym that the kids play on, but I let him dig.  I could always fill in the hole later.  We wanted to see what he was digging for.  He dug a hole about the size of a bucket, almost  a foot deep.  It began to fill up with water, then he took a drink.  Now the question is, did he smell that water?  He is only a nine month old German Shepherd.  So my tip for today is, let your dog explore.  We are always so quick to pull them away from everything, “leave it” we say, which is a good policy, but if it doesn’t look like they are getting into any real danger, let them be dogs.



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Dog Tip of the Day, July 27

Typically a mature dog will weigh about two times as much as it weighs as a six month old puppy.  So, if your dog weighs 50 pounds at six months of age, it will probably end up weighing about 100 pounds as an adult.  This is something to consider when choosing one of the larger breeds like a German Shepherd.

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Dog Tip of the Day, July 26

There is nothing wrong with giving your dog a small amount of the food you are eating.  This solidifies that pack mentality that I often speak of.  If you don’t give you partner at least a small taste, they might feel left out of the pack.  There are some things, however that you should not give to your dog.  These include:

No Alcohol, Beer, wine, vodka, etc

No Chocolate, keep anything with sugar in it to a very minimum

No potato skins that have turned green

No Grapes, remember raisins are dried grapes, no raisins either

No mushrooms, they probably will not eat them anyhow

No onions or garlic, small amounts of this if it is in your sauce shouldn’t hurt them if it is a small amount

Avoid doughs made with yeast

Avoid spices

Don’t let them eat fruit pits

Remember, they should be eating a good quality dog food and most importantly they should be in the sit, down, stay position while there human partners are dining.  Don’t let the dog think they get to eat first.  I feed my Shepherd a 50:50 mix of Flint River Ranch and Taste of the Wild.  Did I emphasize that table feeding should be in very small amounts.  Dogs really appreciate these treats and they deserve something different every once in a while, just like you.

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K9 (Dog) Pie

K9 (Dog) Pie

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July 20, 2012 · 9:46 pm

K9 (Dog) Pie recipe.

This is the dog pie I made for Lakota’s birthday party.  Lakota is a 1 year old St. Weiler who is a member of the K9 team.  The pie is basically ground meat and rice.  Can you see the picture of the dog?  That was done by shaking brown sugar on with a sifter.  Then a little black food coloring.

This pie is for the dogs!


The crust recipe is listed on this blog under the blueberry pie recipe.


3/4 lb ground meat

1 sweet potato, cooked (you can do this in the microwave oven

white rice, cooked (use enough to bring the filling up to the desired amont.

1 egg

Mix the meat, rice and sweet potato together then add enough rice to bring it up to the amount of filling you need.

break an egg and pour it over the mixture to act as a binder.

put a crust on top and a design if desired

poke some holes in it with a fork

brush top with milk

cover edges with foil

bake 30 minutes at 375

remove foil from edges

bake 25 to 30 more minutes.

Do not use any spices in the pie for dogs, I don’t even use salt.  only some sugar for decoration.

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Dog Tip of The Day

Do you brush your hair everyday?  Your dog needs this too.  If your dog is shedding fur, perhaps a daily grooming would help.  Dogs, particularly those breeds that shed, benefit from a daily brushing.  If your dog doesn’t like it at first, they will get used to it and grow to love it.  Give them a few treats when you groom and start out slowly.  All dogs know when you are caring for them and they will show it…you will probably get a few licks.

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