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Birthdays, July 30

Today is the birthday of Henry Ford, born in 1863, he sure had a different belief than most business people of his day and even today, he thought you could make money by making cheap consumer goods and paying your workers a higher wage. Everyone thinks he is famous for inventing the Model T Ford, but it was the assembly line to produce the cars that made him rich and famous.

Today is also the birthday of Vladimir Zworykin, born in 1889, his work on vacuum storage tubes and infrared image tubes in the 1930s made the electron microscope and television possible.

And Regnier de Graff, born in 1641 invented the syringe, he also made important anatomical discoveries of the reproductive system including the testicular ducts, efferent ducts, corpus lutea and fallopian tubes.


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Today in Automobile History, July 23

Did you know that on this day in 1903, the Ford Motor Company sold its first car?

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