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Dog Tip of The Day, July 31

I have an interesting story to tell today.  Yesterday, I had my dog playing in the park and he began to dig a hole.  Normally I would have stopped him because he was digging right by the playground gym that the kids play on, but I let him dig.  I could always fill in the hole later.  We wanted to see what he was digging for.  He dug a hole about the size of a bucket, almost  a foot deep.  It began to fill up with water, then he took a drink.  Now the question is, did he smell that water?  He is only a nine month old German Shepherd.  So my tip for today is, let your dog explore.  We are always so quick to pull them away from everything, “leave it” we say, which is a good policy, but if it doesn’t look like they are getting into any real danger, let them be dogs.



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Dog Tip of The Day, July 30

A dog’s abiltiy to smell is affected by poor dental care.  Your dog’s teeth need daily cleaning and hygiene just like we do.  Dogs really don’t like you messing with their teeth unless you start to do this at a young age.  When the puppy is as young as eight weeks, put your fingers in its mouth everyday and rub and feel it’s teeth.  It isn’t recommended to begin brushing at this early age, but I would suggest putting a pet toothbrush in their mouth very gently around the teeth to get them used to it.  There are gels available from pet stores that aid in keeping the teeth clean.  When the dog gets older, I would recommend using these gels daily and also a light brushing.  Even if your dog is not a working dog, such as an air scenter or trailer, they still rely heavily on their sense of smell.


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Dog Tip of the Day, July 29

Coming up soon in September, I will be starting Turbo’s beginner obedience class.  He has already completed his puppy obedience class.  In the puppy class one of the things I learned was to sit quietly with your dog for about a half an hour every day.  This will be hard to do at first because puppies are so full of energy and older dogs might not be sure how to handle it. I think this is an important activity.  It helps you bond with your dog and solidify that loyalty you expect. All dogs should be good citizens and this ability to lay quietly by your side while you are eating, chatting with a friend or strange or just wanting some quiet time is essential.  Start out with just a few minutes and build up to a half an hour.  Who knows maybe the quiet time will relieve some of your daily stress too.

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Dog Tip of the Day, July 28

Sorry I didn’t have a dog tip up yesterday,  I know there are some people who are following that post.  I was away at a BSAR class, that is Basic Search and Rescue.  I could not take my K9 to this and I worried about him all weekend.  I am sure this bothered him also.  I have spoken before about how a dog thinks,  they are pack animals and live by a packing instinct.  I am the alpha male and he had to worry about why I wasn’t with him.  So, my belated tip for yesterday is to always have your K9 partner (that would be your dog) in your mind and always try to think with that pack mentality.  I don’t want my dog to have any undue stress. I am sure you don’t want that for your dog either.  I will put today’s tip up as soon as I take turbo out for some frisbee, ball throwing and play time.

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K9 (Dog) Pie

K9 (Dog) Pie

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July 20, 2012 · 9:46 pm

K9 (Dog) Pie recipe.

This is the dog pie I made for Lakota’s birthday party.  Lakota is a 1 year old St. Weiler who is a member of the K9 team.  The pie is basically ground meat and rice.  Can you see the picture of the dog?  That was done by shaking brown sugar on with a sifter.  Then a little black food coloring.

This pie is for the dogs!


The crust recipe is listed on this blog under the blueberry pie recipe.


3/4 lb ground meat

1 sweet potato, cooked (you can do this in the microwave oven

white rice, cooked (use enough to bring the filling up to the desired amont.

1 egg

Mix the meat, rice and sweet potato together then add enough rice to bring it up to the amount of filling you need.

break an egg and pour it over the mixture to act as a binder.

put a crust on top and a design if desired

poke some holes in it with a fork

brush top with milk

cover edges with foil

bake 30 minutes at 375

remove foil from edges

bake 25 to 30 more minutes.

Do not use any spices in the pie for dogs, I don’t even use salt.  only some sugar for decoration.

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Dog Tip of The Day

Do you brush your hair everyday?  Your dog needs this too.  If your dog is shedding fur, perhaps a daily grooming would help.  Dogs, particularly those breeds that shed, benefit from a daily brushing.  If your dog doesn’t like it at first, they will get used to it and grow to love it.  Give them a few treats when you groom and start out slowly.  All dogs know when you are caring for them and they will show it…you will probably get a few licks.

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