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Dog Tip of The Day, April 27

To neuter or not to neuter, that is the question.  A male dog will not go crazy when there is a female in heat, some people think they have a better temperament  but I have seen some pretty mean neutered dogs.  Some people think it is better for their health.  A neutered female will not bleed all over the house and cannot have puts, also a neutered male cannot impregnate an unneutered female.  Maybe the question you should ask yourself is would you want your dog neutering you.


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Dog Tip of The Day, August 13

To neuter or not to neuter, that’s the question.  I don’t really want to answer this one because it is so important.  I have an 8 month old German shepherd and I have not neutered him.  My vet suggested neutering at 6 months. I actually had an appointment to have that done.  Then I went to a SAR training and talked to one of the vets there and was told not to have it done until he was at least a year old.  That vet told me he needed the testosterone for proper bone development.  BONE DEVELOPMENT…I think that is pretty important. I came home and cancelled the appointment.  Now that I am seeing the abilities of this dog, I am questioning if I should have it done at all.  Maybe I will want to use him as a stud dog.  I at least want him to experience that.  This dog is my partner, he is my best K9 friend, I just don’t feel right about taking that away from him.  I want him to be healthy and I agree that neutering might prevent cancer, but I am just not ready to accept everything a vet tells me.  If they were all on the same page, it might be different, but I have heard a lot of conflicting views from vets.  So my tip for the day is don’t rush right in to an important decision concerning your pet, get a second opinion, do a little research on your own.  The decision to neuter is permanent.

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