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Dog Tip of the Day, July 28

Sorry I didn’t have a dog tip up yesterday,  I know there are some people who are following that post.  I was away at a BSAR class, that is Basic Search and Rescue.  I could not take my K9 to this and I worried about him all weekend.  I am sure this bothered him also.  I have spoken before about how a dog thinks,  they are pack animals and live by a packing instinct.  I am the alpha male and he had to worry about why I wasn’t with him.  So, my belated tip for yesterday is to always have your K9 partner (that would be your dog) in your mind and always try to think with that pack mentality.  I don’t want my dog to have any undue stress. I am sure you don’t want that for your dog either.  I will put today’s tip up as soon as I take turbo out for some frisbee, ball throwing and play time.


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