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Science Birthdays, May 24

5/24/1640        John Mayow   physiologist    He was possibly the first person to look at air and gases and make predictions about respriration and combustrion. Suggensting that the air we breath was like the air that faned a fire.  He was on the right track but died young and Stahl took over with the idea of phlogiston. He died in 1679 at age 39

5/24/1544        William Gilbert          physicist          Galileo considered him the chief founder of experimentalism. He showed that garlic did not destroy magnetism as was once thought. He suggested that the earth was a giant magnet. He showed magnetic dip. The gilbert is named for him. Died in 1603 at age 59


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Science Birthdays, May 6

5/6/1635          Johann Becher                        alchemist, phlogiston theory, he thought he could make himself invisible, he died in 1682 at age 47

5/6/1856          Sigmund Freud           psychiatrist, founded psychoanalytic method of psychiatry, he died in 1939 at age 83

5/6/1856          Robert Peary               explorer, claimed to be the first person to reach the geographic North Pole, it is still in doubt today, he died in 1920 at age 63

5/6/1871          Victor Grignard          chemist, formulated the Grignard Synthesis to couple carbon atoms in organic molecules, he died in 1935 at age 64

5/6/1872          William Sitter                         astronomer, questioned Einstein’s theory of a curved universe, he died in 1934 at age 62

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