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K9 (Dog) Pie

K9 (Dog) Pie


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July 20, 2012 · 9:46 pm

K9 (Dog) Pie recipe.

This is the dog pie I made for Lakota’s birthday party.  Lakota is a 1 year old St. Weiler who is a member of the K9 team.  The pie is basically ground meat and rice.  Can you see the picture of the dog?  That was done by shaking brown sugar on with a sifter.  Then a little black food coloring.

This pie is for the dogs!


The crust recipe is listed on this blog under the blueberry pie recipe.


3/4 lb ground meat

1 sweet potato, cooked (you can do this in the microwave oven

white rice, cooked (use enough to bring the filling up to the desired amont.

1 egg

Mix the meat, rice and sweet potato together then add enough rice to bring it up to the amount of filling you need.

break an egg and pour it over the mixture to act as a binder.

put a crust on top and a design if desired

poke some holes in it with a fork

brush top with milk

cover edges with foil

bake 30 minutes at 375

remove foil from edges

bake 25 to 30 more minutes.

Do not use any spices in the pie for dogs, I don’t even use salt.  only some sugar for decoration.

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