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Science Birthdays, June 4

6/4/1756          Jean Chaptal   chemist, he discovered that adding sugar to unfermented wine would increase the alcohol content, known as chaptalization, he died in 1832 at age 76

6/4/1877          Heinrich Wieland       chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his research on bile acids, he died in 1957 at age 80

6/4/1889          Beno Gutenberg          geologist, worked with Richter in developing the Richter scale for earthquakes, log E = 11.8 + 1.5M, where E is energy in ergs and M is magnitude, he died in 1960 at age 71


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Science Birthdays, April 26

4/26/1774        Christian Leopold von Buch, geologist

He defined the Jurassic System

He died in 1853 at the age of 79


4/26/1785        John James Audubon  ornithologist   He was an illegitimate son of a sea captain and a servant girl, sent to America in at age 18, was a failure at business, jailed for debt, but had a successful marriage, traveled west to paint birds while his wife supported the family, he completed 435 bird paintings. He was one of America’s first conservationists, and honored at the opening of the Hall of Fame of Great Americans in 1900, He died in 1851 at age 66

4/26/1879        Sir Owen Richardson  physicist          worked out the theory of electron and ion emission. He died in 1959 at age 80


4/26/1900        Charles Richter, Phyicist he created the Richter Magnitude Scale for measuring earthquakes, what you might not know about him is, he was a practicing nudist, he died in 1985 at the age of 85


4/26/1932        Michael Smith, Chemist, he received the Nobel Prize for his work in Site-directed mutagenesis, he died in 2000 at the age of 68

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