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Birthdays, July 25

Today is the birthday of  Rosalind Franklin, born in 1920, her data on X-Ray diffraction of DNA led to the Watson and Crick discovery of the double helix. Unpublished drafts of her papers show that she had determined the structure of DNA, yet her work was only vaguely acknowledged.  She should get credit for the discovery of the DNA double helix, and someday she will.

Today is also the birthday of Christopher Scheiner, born in 1575, he was an astronomer, physicist and priest who invented the pantograph in 1603. This was an instrument which enlarge or reduce drawings to any scale.

David Douglas, born in 1799 was a Scottish botanist who introduced several hundred species of plants and shrubs to Great Britain and Europe, the Douglas fir tree is named  after him as well as many other plant species that have Douglas or Douglasii in the name. He died while climbing Mauna Kea in Hawaii when he fell into a pit trap and a bull fell on top of him, the location is called “Doctor’s Pit” in Hawaiian


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