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Birthdays, July 24

Today is the birthday of Britton Chance, born in 1913, he invented the stopped flow device to measure the existence of the enzyme-substrate complex in enzyme reactions. He also used noninvasive techniques such as phophorus NMR and optical spectroscopy and flurometry to study metabolic control in living tissue and to  characterize properties of tissue along with breast tumors. Born in Wilks-Barre, Pennsylvania, he won a gold medal in the 1952 Summer Olympis in sailing.

Today is also the birthday of Thomas Platter the Younger, born in 1574, he was a Swiss physician who kept journals of his life between 1595 and 1600.  These journals provide details of 16th century life as well as Platter’s time spent in medical school including details on dissections.

Johan Forchhammer, born in 1794 was a geologist who found that the concentration of seawater salts collected from varous locations was constant. This is known as the Forchhammer’s Priniciple or the Principle of Constant Proportions.


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