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Dog Tip of the Day, July 26

There is nothing wrong with giving your dog a small amount of the food you are eating.  This solidifies that pack mentality that I often speak of.  If you don’t give you partner at least a small taste, they might feel left out of the pack.  There are some things, however that you should not give to your dog.  These include:

No Alcohol, Beer, wine, vodka, etc

No Chocolate, keep anything with sugar in it to a very minimum

No potato skins that have turned green

No Grapes, remember raisins are dried grapes, no raisins either

No mushrooms, they probably will not eat them anyhow

No onions or garlic, small amounts of this if it is in your sauce shouldn’t hurt them if it is a small amount

Avoid doughs made with yeast

Avoid spices

Don’t let them eat fruit pits

Remember, they should be eating a good quality dog food and most importantly they should be in the sit, down, stay position while there human partners are dining.  Don’t let the dog think they get to eat first.  I feed my Shepherd a 50:50 mix of Flint River Ranch and Taste of the Wild.  Did I emphasize that table feeding should be in very small amounts.  Dogs really appreciate these treats and they deserve something different every once in a while, just like you.


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