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Happy New Year

I would like to wish all of my followers a Happy New Year.  Thank you for following my posts.  I hope you found them entertaining and thoughtful.  Stay safe this New Year’s Eve and let us make 2015 a prosperous new year and as always let me know if there is something you would like to see on this blog.



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Automotive Trivia, December 22

On December 22, 1901, Max Grabowsky established a company called the “Rapid Motor Vehicle Company”, which developed some of the earliest commercial trucks ever designed. The trucks utilized one-cylinder engines. In 1909, the company was purchased by General Motors to form the basis for the General Motors Truck Company, from which GMC Truck was derived.

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Science Birthdays, August 29

Today is the Birthday of Charles Kettering, born in 1876, invented the electric starting motor, leaded gasoline, Freon as a refrigerant, Duco laquers and enamals, the first practical colored paints for automobiles.

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Made in America

When buying tires, check to see where they are made.  Insist on American made tires, Made in America. I just checked on some Bridgestone tires for my 2012 Jeep.  The reason is because the Firestone tires dry rotted after a year old.  The Jeep dealer would not take any responsibility for them. I went to the Firestone dealer and they will give me a percentage off on a new set, but they are made in Japan. I don’t know, but I think new tires should not be rotten after one year. The most amazing thing was, when I was at the Firestone store to see about the tires, a woman came in with a new Jeep and it had rotten Firestone tires too.  How many are out there?  This couldn’t just be coincidental.  

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Made in America

3M makes adhesive backed double sided tape, Made in America.  You can buy this at almost any auto parts store.

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Made in America

Softtopper makes canvas caps for pickups, jeeps and marine,  Made in America in Boulder, Colorado.  I have one of these on my GMC Denali and it is great.  I can roll it back in a few minutes to load mulch in my truck.  I can take the whole thing on and off in a few minutes or I can roll up the sides to give my dog more ventilation.  I highly recommend this product.   They come in a variety of colors and arrive in a few days.

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Natural Disasters

My friends I want to share a few things with you from my experiences with emergency response and preparedness.

Remember winter driving conditions can bring on natural disasters, blizzards, power outages, being standed by wrecks in foul weather, flooding, landslides blocking roads, etc. are all natural disasters that will happen to most of us at some time in our lives.

These are some things that should become habits:

1. Don’t take your car home with an empty tank of gas, always fill it up.  Your car should have a full tank of gas not only to be prepared for an emergency, but a tank that is less than full will sweat.  This means the moisture in the air pocket above the fuel will turn into liquid water and drip into your gasoline.  In the winter this could freeze up in your fuel lines.  Always top that tank off.

2. Have supplies in your car if you have to spend a few hours or days in it.  Food, such as those 6-packs of crackers, a bag of your favorite cookies, energy bars, candy (that won’t melt if you get a greenhouse effect going on in your car), various other snacks.  Have some water, I always have a few canteens of water.

3. Every car should be equipped with a first aid kit, one for humans, one for pets, and you should have a first aid class, pet first aid class, and CPR.  Know how to do some basic first aid.

4. three light sources with spare batteries.  There is an old saying about flashlights, one is none, two is one.  I like my saying best,  “a pair and a spare of everything is best.”

5. Have a map, always have a map.

6. Have a charged up phone, better yet a ham radio and a licence, I am KB3ZQY

7. Some money.

8. Have some flagging tape in case you have to walk away and mark your trail.

9. spare blankets, old coats, spare gloves, Boots, hats, earmuffs, etc. etc. etc.  You will need something to cover exposed skin, not only for you but something you don’t mind losing that you can give to unprepared motorists.

10. Finally, and probably most important, Make sure someone knows where you are going, when and on which route. Someone should also know your ETA or estimated time of arrival.

Good Luck, stay safe, stay prepared and happy motoring.


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