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Temporary Computer Problem

My computer with all of my data is in the shop. Seems the power supply is acting up. I should be back up and running by Monday. I hope.


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Science Birthdays, October 21

Today is the birthday of Georg Ernst Stahl, born in 1660, he is known as a supporter and promoter of the now obsolete phlogiston theory or vital force theory.  Notice his date of birth, this was around the beginning of our current understanding of science.  Also note that Georg is not spelled with an e.

Today is also the birthday of Alfred Nobel, born in 1833, he invented dynamite and used his fortune to institute the Nobel Prizes.

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Natural Disasters, October 21

I have nothing on this day, but remember, last month was National Preparedness month, so if you haven’t prepared for winter, including winter driving, now would be a good time to do that.

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Dog Tip of The Day, October 21

One of the reasons why the military uses Belgian Malinois is because they are a lighter version of a German Shepherd, both high-drive work dogs, but they are lighter which makes a difference when parachuting with a dog.

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Science Birthdays, October 20

Today is the birthday of Sir James Chadwick, born in 1891, after graduation he went to work for Hans Geiger and was interned by the Germans during WWI; he was permitted to set up a laboratory in a stable where he collected data that he used to calculate the positive changes on the nuclei of atoms. He discovered the neutron in 1932 and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1935.

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Natural Disasters, October 20

A 6.8 Mw earthquake struck the Uttarkashi region of India killing more than 1000 people.

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Dog Tip of the Day, October 20

Belgian Malinois are most often used as working dogs, in the police and military. Because of this, the best of the breed are usually used for breeding. This makes the Belgian Malinois one of the healthiest of breeds. German Shepherds over the years have been very popular due to TV shows like Rin Tin Tin. The high demand for them, led to breeding in a lot of undesirable characteristics, such as hip dysplasia and digestive issues. Fortunately, as of lately breeders of German Shepherds have been discouraging using dogs with these conditions for breeding and the breed has been improving. You need to check the bloodlines for these problems when you select a puppy.

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